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You are more than welcome to use our product and marketing images via your online store and social media accounts. Just click on the "DOWNLOAD IMAGES" buttons below to download all usable images as per the labels you have in stock.
Once downloaded you can simply upload to your own site and social media accounts. All our images have an aspect ratio of 1:1.
We have an in house content producer who creates all our lovely images so providing credit for using our images is important. It's very easy to do - here's how... 
IMPORTANT: Usage Terms - Website
Please supply credit to our images in your product description via your online store.
Copy & paste the following:
"Images supplied by Kylie and The Machine"
IMPORTANT: Usage Terms - Social Media
When using our product and marketing images, be sure to provide credit to @kylieandthemachine. 
There are two areas to provide credit via social media:
1. On the image itself by way of adding @kylieandthemachine as a people 'tag'.
2. In the comment - copy and paste the following:
"Image supplied by @kylieandthemachine"
*The above requirements are in accordance with our T&C's.


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